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Item 102762

Toy Len Goon's mud silk tunic and pant suit, Guangdong, ca. 1920

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1920 Location: Portland Media: Silk, mud, cotton, tan Dioscorea Cirrhosa dye

Item 13468

Fourth order Fresnel lens

Contributed by: Museum at Portland Head Date: circa 1900 Location: Cape Elizabeth Media: Glass and brass

Item 13549

Lens for Portland Head Light

Contributed by: Museum at Portland Head Date: circa 1900 Location: Cape Elizabeth Media: Glass and brass


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Toy Len Goon: Mother of the Year

Toy Len Goon of Portland, an immigrant from China, was a widow with six children when she was selected in 1952 as America's Mother of the Year.


Chinese in Maine

In 1857, when Daniel Cough left Amoy Island, China, as a stowaway on a sailing ship from Mt. Desert Island he was on his way into history as the first Chinese person to make his home in Maine. He was soon followed by a cigar maker and a tea merchant who settled in Portland and then by many more Chinese men who spread all over Maine working mostly as laundrymen.


400 years of New Mainers

Immigration is one of the most debated topics in Maine. Controversy aside, immigration is also America's oldest tradition, and along with religious tolerance, what our nation was built upon. Since the first people--the Wabanaki--permitted Europeans to settle in the land now known as Maine, we have been a state of immigrants.

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Blue Hill, Maine - Scientist

… was fashioned by Jonathan Fisher as a magnifying lens. When it was filled with water it helped a person to read small text with much more ease.

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Charles K. Savage (1903-1979): The View from Asticou - Page 1 of 6

Whether it be through the lens of his camera while walking on the village trails, artistically developing landscape portraits in the dark room at his…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Welcome and Introduction

… of Mount Desert Island, as seen through the lens of the Maine Memory Network, has been a work in progress since 2006, when a first group of high…

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Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Sporting Maine

Grade Level: 3-5 Content Area: Social Studies, Health Education & Physical Education
This lesson plan will introduce students to myriad communities in Maine, past and present, through the universal lens of sports and group activities. Students will explore and understand the history of many of Maine’s recreational pastimes, what makes Maine the ideal location for some outdoor sports, and how communities have come together through team activities throughout Maine’s history.