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Item 10221

Wallpaper Fragment, ca. 1795

Contributed by: The General Henry Knox Museum Date: circa 1795 Location: Thomaston; Boston Media: Paper

Item 15827

Andrew Leighton Home, Eliot, 1910

Contributed by: William Fogg Library Date: 1910 Location: Eliot Media: Postcard

Item 10220

Wallpaper Fragment, ca. 1795

Contributed by: The General Henry Knox Museum Date: circa 1795 Location: Thomaston; Boston Media: Paper

Tax Records

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Item 87939

McVey property, N. Side Island Avenue, Lot 95, Peaks Island, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Alice E. McVey Use: Summer Dwelling


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Home: The Longfellow House & the Emergence of Portland

The Wadsworth-Longfellow house is the oldest building on the Portland peninsula, the first historic site in Maine, a National Historic Landmark, home to three generations of Wadsworth and Longfellow family members -- including the boyhood home of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The history of the house and its inhabitants provide a unique view of the growth and changes of Portland -- as well as of the immediate surroundings of the home.


Away at School: Letters Home

Young men and women in the 19th century often went away from home -- sometimes for a few months, sometimes for longer periods -- to attend academies, seminaries, or schools run by individuals. While there, they wrote letters home, reporting on boarding arrangements and coursework undertaken, and inquired about the family at home.


Art of the People: Folk Art in Maine

For many different reasons people saved and carefully preserved the objects in this exhibit. Eventually, along with the memories they hold, the objects were passed to the Maine Historical Society. Object and memory, serve as a powerful way to explore history and to connect to the lives of people in the past.

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Home: The Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Portland - Streetscape, 1790-1930

… had a Mansard roof, which originally included decorative windows, stone ornamentation, and a slate finish.

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Lubec, Maine - Lubec's 1911 Centennial Celebration - Page 2 of 2

High School decorated for centennial, Lubec, 1911Item Contributed byLubec Historical Society Columbian Hall decorated for the Lubec Centennial…

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Early Maine Photography - Landscape Photography - Page 1 of 2

As soon as the decoration was applied to his home, Bourne had a companion daguerreotype made to show the results of his work, thus creating a before…

My Maine Stories

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Wabanaki Fashion
by Decontie & Brown

Keeping the spirit and memories of our ancestors alive through fashion and creativity


My story about tours of duty in Vietnam
by Maynard Bradley

I served in the Army Special Forces as a Green Beret, it still effects me today.