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Item 31083

Fishing Net with attached cork floats, ca. 1945

Contributed by: Scarborough Historical Society & Museum Date: circa 1945 Location: Scarborough Media: Netting,cork

Item 61873

Fishing for tuna with a harpoon, Swan's Island, ca. 1950

Contributed by: Swan's Island Educational Society Date: circa 1950 Location: Swan's Island Media: Photographic print

Item 31255

Dakin Sporting Goods Hunting And Fishing Window Display, Bangor, ca. 1937

Contributed by: Bangor Historical Society Date: circa 1937 Location: Bangor Media: Photographic print


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A Town Is Born: South Bristol, 1915

After being part of the town of Bristol for nearly 150 years, residents of South Bristol determined that their interests would be better served by becoming a separate town and they broke away from the large community of Bristol.


John Dunn, 19th Century Sportsman

John Warner Grigg Dunn was an accomplished amateur photographer, hunter, fisherman and lover of nature. On his trips to Ragged Lake and environs, he became an early innovator among amateur wildlife photographers. His photography left us with a unique record of the Moosehead Lake region in the late nineteenth century.


The Schooner Bowdoin: Ninety Years of Seagoing History

After traveling to the Arctic with Robert E. Peary, Donald B. MacMillan (1874-1970), an explorer, researcher, and lecturer, helped design his own vessel for Arctic exploration, the schooner <em>Bowdoin,</em> which he named after his alma mater. The schooner remains on the seas.

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Swan's Island: Six miles east of ordinary - Lobstering

Boat engines and fishing equipment also changed. Fishing for tuna with a harpoon, Swan's Island, ca.

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Swan's Island: Six miles east of ordinary - Welcome to Swan's Island!

… shell middens to the rusted remains of quarrying equipment, Swan's Island holds a living history of the industries that have sustained its…

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Swan's Island: Six miles east of ordinary - Islanders at Work

Seine fishing (hand line fishing) was one form of fishing used by island fishermen. These fishermen were mostly fishing for herring.

My Maine Stories

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Cleaning Fish or How Grandfather and Grandmother got by
by Randy Randall

Grandfather and Grandmother subsisted on the fish Grandfather caught, not always legally.


Catching live bait with Grandfather
by Randy Randall

We never bought live bait for fishing. Grandfather caught all the minnows and shiners we needed.


Langdon Burton and the Cold, Wet Tourists
by Phil Tedrick

A father and son have their vacation experience totally changed by an encounter with a fisherman