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Item 67891

Elzira Haley letter to her father, William Haley Jr., 1865

Contributed by: Sebago Historical Society Date: 1865-06-18 Location: Sebago; Standish; Gorham; Portland Media: Pencil on paper

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Item 7292

William Allen's essay on Norridgewock, ca. 1870

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1870 Location: Norridgewock; Nanransouack Media: Ink on paper

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Item 103645

Father, mother, and son, ca. 1858

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1858 Location: Portland Media: Daguerreotype

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 109583

Sketch of proposed building for French Catholic Society, Lewiston, 1881-1886

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1881–1886 Location: Lewiston; Lewiston Clients: Dominican Fathers; French Catholic Society Architect: George M. Coombs; Coombs Bros. Architects

Item 109537

Plans of Convent School fo Father Conlon, Calais, 1884-1885

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1884–1885 Location: Calais Client: Conlon, Architect: George M. Coombs

Item 109748

Roman Catholic Church for Rev. Father Bradley, Lisbon, 1899-1922

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1899–1922 Location: Lisbon; Lisbon Client: Roman Catholic Church of Lisbon Architect: Harry S. Coombs; Coombs, Gibbs and Wilkinson Architects

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Father John Bapst: Catholicism's Defender and Promoter

Father John Bapst, a Jesuit, knew little of America or Maine when he arrived in Old Town in 1853 from Switzerland. He built churches and defended Roman Catholics against Know-Nothing activists, who tarred and feathered the priest in Ellsworth in 1854.


Father Rasles, the Indians and the English

Father Sebastien Rasle, a French Jesuit, ran a mission for Indians at Norridgewock and, many English settlers believed, encouraged Indian resistance to English settlement. He was killed in a raid on the mission in 1724 that resulted in the remaining Indians fleeing for Canada.


Lock of George Washington's Hair

Correspondence between Elizabeth Wadsworth, her father Peleg Wadsworth and Martha Washington's secretary about the gift of a lock of George Washington's hair to Eliza.

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Lincoln, Maine - Founding Fathers & Early History

Founding Fathers & Early History Use the menu at left to browse various pieces completed by 7th and 8th grade social-studies students at…

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Online Items

He lived at home till married. George's mother died in 1890. He married Lillian Winslow, daughter of George and Carrie Winslow in 1894. His father

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Early Maine Photography - Family Groups

Two boys stand behind them and a third sits in front of his father. O.R. Patch family, Bangor, ca.

My Maine Stories

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My father's world - the old farm in Richmond, Maine
by Donald C. Cunningham

A story about my father and our family.


Langdon Burton and the Cold, Wet Tourists
by Phil Tedrick

A father and son have their vacation experience totally changed by an encounter with a fisherman


Two generations tell the family's Paper story
by Normand and Richard Paradis

Father and son discuss their lives working for International Paper and changes over time