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Item 11569

Dresses, 1860s

Contributed by: Brick Store Museum Date: circa 1860 Media: silk

Item 11563

Four dresses, ca. 1870

Contributed by: Brick Store Museum Date: circa 1870 Media: silk

Item 11557

Three dresses, ca. 1870s

Contributed by: Brick Store Museum Date: circa 1870 Media: cotton, silk

Tax Records

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Item 37339

241-243 Commercial Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Trustees of the Estate of Frank P. Cummings Use: Wholesale Grocer


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Dressing Up, Standing Out, Fitting In

Adorning oneself to look one's "best" has varied over time, gender, economic class, and by event. Adornments suggest one's sense of identity and one's intent to stand out or fit in.


Fashionable Maine: early twentieth century clothing

Maine residents kept pace with the dramatic shift in women’s dress that occurred during the short number of years preceding and immediately following World War I. The long restrictive skirts, stiff collars, body molding corsets and formal behavior of earlier decades quickly faded away and the new straight, dropped waist easy-to-wear clothing gave mobility and freedom of movement in tune with the young independent women of the casual, post-war jazz age generation.


Eternal Images: Photographing Childhood

From the earliest days of photography doting parents from across Maine sought to capture images of their young children. The studio photographs often reflect the families' images of themselves and their status or desired status.

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Life on a Tidal River - Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day One of the favorite activities this year has been "Dress Up Day". Both Bill Cook of the Bangor Public Library and Dana Lippitt of the…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Liz, widow Clark, Bangor, 1848

… "were first seen promernading Kenduskeag bridge dressed in two suits made of red Thibot dress brown sock and red hoods." "They created a sensation…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Annie Martin, Bangor, 1864

… in the illustrated numbered "2," she was making a dress for her doll, telling the cat she could not pick it up because she was busy.

My Maine Stories

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Decontie and Brown's venture in high fashion design
by Decontie and Brown

Penobscot haute couture designs from Bangor


Growing up DownEast
by Darrin MC Mclellan

Stories of growing up Downeast


Hooch Mum and my Vietnam service
by Jim Barrows

A poem about being a medic, saving Vietnamese people and babies. Sometimes we trusted too much.