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Item 12258

Runnel's Dam in Caribou, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Caribou Public Library Date: circa 1900 Location: Caribou Media: Photographic print

Item 22842

Building the new dam above the Old Falls, Sanford, 1906

Contributed by: Sanford-Springvale Historical Society Date: 1906 Location: Sanford Media: Print from glass negative

Item 12274

Salmon Jumping at Caribou Dam, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Caribou Public Library Date: circa 1900 Location: Caribou Media: Photographic print

Tax Records

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Item 87452

Dam property, West Side Leavitt Street, Long Island, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Albertina M. Dam Use: Summer Dwelling

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 111466

Maine Audubon Society Visitors' Center elevations, Falmouth, 1994-1995

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1994–1995 Location: Falmouth Client: Maine Audubon Architect: Carol A. Wilson; Van Dam & Renner/Carol A. Wilson Architects

Item 111356

Morgan residence elevations, Petersburgh, NY, 1996-1997

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1996–1997 Location: Petersburgh Client: Bob Morgan Architect: Carol A. Wilson; Carol Wilson | Tom Hall Architects

Item 109566

Log Dam for Fish Pond for Weston Davis, Lewiston, 1905

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1905 Location: Lewiston Client: Weston Davis Architect: Coombs and Gibbs Architects

Online Exhibits

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Powering Pejepscot Paper Co.

In 1893, F.C. Whitehouse of Topsham, who owned paper mills in Topsham and Lisbon Falls, began construction of a third mill on the eastern banks of the Androscoggin River five miles north of Topsham. First, he had to build a dam to harness the river's power.


Walter Wyman and River Power

Walter Wyman's vision to capture the power of Maine's rivers to produce electricity led to the formation of Central Maine Power Co. and to a struggle within the state over what should happen to the power produced by the state's natural resources.


From Sewers to Skylines: William S. Edwards's 1887 Photo Album

William S. Edwards (1830-1918) was a civil engineer who worked for the City of Portland from 1876-1906. Serving as First Assistant to Chief Engineer William A. Goodwin, then to Commissioner George N. Fernald, Edwards was a fixture in City Hall for 30 consecutive years, proving indispensable throughout the terms of 15 Mayors of Portland, including all six of those held by James Phineas Baxter. Edwards made significant contributions to Portland, was an outstanding mapmaker and planner, and his works continue to benefit historians.

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Historic Hallowell - The Vaughan Stream & Sawmills

"Some were powered by dams like the Wire Mill Dam. The dams worked like this. First, the water behind the dam flew through a pipe connected to a…"

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Western Maine Foothills Region - Mt. Zircon Reservoir - Page 2 of 3

"thick) sit on solid ledge. The dam is 842 ft. above sea level, making it one of the three highest dams in Maine. It is 847 ft. long; is 57 ft."

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Intro: pages 30-47

"… Hiram Mills George, Isaiah Stetson Proposal for dam Theodore Brown 1866 election results John A. Peters Judge Hathaway Capt."

My Maine Stories

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Restoring the Penobscot River
by John Banks

My role as the Director of the Department of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Indian Nation


Stories from Eastport
by Ruth McInnis

My memories of growing up in Eastport, WWII, camping, and history on the border


Quinton "Skip" Wilson: different aspects of "standing out"
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Recollections of life as Biddeford's only student of color during the 1960-70s