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Item 11257

Silver Tankard by Benjamin Burt, Boston, ca. 1760

Contributed by: Old York Historical Society Date: circa 1760 Location: York; Boston Media: Silver

Item 100342

Amethyst, Portland, ca. 1800

Contributed by: Tate House Museum Date: circa 1800 Location: Portland Media: Amethyst

Item 18371

Silver tankard, ca. 1770

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1770 Location: Portland Media: Silver


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The Life and Legacy of the George Tate Family

Captain George Tate, mast agent for the King of England from 1751 to the Revolutionary War, and his descendants helped shape the development of Portland (first known as Falmouth) through activities such as commerce, shipping, and real estate.


A City Awakes: Arts and Artisans of Early 19th Century Portland

Portland's growth from 1786 to 1860 spawned a unique social and cultural environment and fostered artistic opportunity and creative expression in a broad range of the arts, which flowered with the increasing wealth and opportunity in the city.


Holding up the Sky: Wabanaki people, culture, history, and art

Learn about Native diplomacy and obligation by exploring 13,000 years of Wabanaki residence in Maine through 17th century treaties, historic items, and contemporary artworks—from ash baskets to high fashion. Wabanaki voices contextualize present-day relevance and repercussions of 400 years of shared histories between Wabanakis and settlers to their region.