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Item 105506

Grapevine embroided cape, Portland, ca. 1840

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1840 Location: Portland Media: wool, silk

Item 105471

Olive Gray's childhood dress, North Yarmouth, ca. 1785

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1785 Location: North Yarmouth Media: Cotton

Item 34330

Boy's snow suit, Bangor, ca. 1940

Contributed by: Bangor Historical Society Date: circa 1940 Location: Bangor Media: Wool

Tax Records

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Item 36838

61 Clark Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Egnac Bakiewitz Use: Dwelling - Three Family


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The Mainspring of Fashion

The mainspring of fashion is the process whereby members of one class imitate the styles of another, who in turn are driven to ever new expedients of fashionable change.


Eternal Images: Photographing Childhood

From the earliest days of photography doting parents from across Maine sought to capture images of their young children. The studio photographs often reflect the families' images of themselves and their status or desired status.


Indians at the Centennial

Passamaquoddy Indians from Washington County traveled to Portland in 1920 to take part in the Maine Centennial Exposition. They set up an "Indian Village" at Deering Oaks Park.

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Historic Clothing Collection - Children's Wear

Children's Wear View the Children's Clothing Slide Show For the second half of the 19th century children’s fashions mirrored adult styles.

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Historic Clothing Collection - Mourning Clothing

Mourning Clothing View the Mourning Clothing Slide Show With the growth of the middle class, the custom of wearing black during periods of…

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Historic Clothing Collection - Mid Twentieth Century

The mid twentieth century (1950-1980) clothing at Maine Historical Society is but a small fraction of the Society's overall garment holdings, which…

My Maine Stories

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From Chinese Laundress to Mother of the Year
by Dr. Andrea Louie

Toy Len Goon's granddaughter recounts her immigration to the US and becoming Mother of the Year.


Growing up DownEast
by Darrin MC Mclellan

Stories of growing up Downeast


A Maine Family's story of being Prisoners of War in Manila
by Nicki Griffin

As a child, born after the war, I would hear these stories - glad they were finally written down