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Item 19024

Bread-making recollection, Monticello, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Aroostook County Historical and Art Museum Date: circa 1930 Location: Monticello Media: MP3

Item 18175

Golden Heart Bread label, Auburn, ca. 1940

Contributed by: Franco-American Collection Date: circa 1940 Location: Auburn Media: Ink on paper

Item 17134

Bread board, Littleton, c. 1920

Contributed by: Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum Date: circa 1920 Location: Littleton Media: Wood

Tax Records

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Item 34836

306 Brackett Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: James E Jay Use: Store


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Giving Thanks

Cultures from the ancient Greeks and Chinese to contemporary societies have set aside time to give thanks, especially for the harvest. In 1941, the United States set a permanent date for the observance.


Cooks and Cookees: Lumber Camp Legends

Stories and tall tales abound concerning cooks and cookees -- important persons in any lumber camp, large or small.


Lt. Charles Bridges: Getting Ahead in the Army

Sgt. Charles Bridges of Co. B of the 2nd Maine Infantry was close to the end of his two years' enlistment in early 1863 when he took advantage of an opportunity for advancement by seeking and getting a commission as an officer in the 3rd Regiment U.S. (Colored) Volunteers.

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Historic Hallowell - Earning Our Keep

… Free Library How do you earn your daily bread? How do you keep the roof over head? Where do you toil the whole day long? How do you manage to get…

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Historic Hallowell - Shipping

… of pot ashes 1 pair of wheels lamb, potato, fish, bread, butter 15m 73 feet of boards 1/2 loaf of bread 1/2 bushel of potatoes 2 barrels of water 7…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Civil War

… “Mr Hamor, sir, I want you to send me a little bread if possible, or I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go to any other town, nor I don’t…

My Maine Stories

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Shax and laxoox: tea with milk and Somali bread.
by Kheyro Jama

Lahooh (laxoox) is a food staple in East Africa, enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner


Ah, les Fameuse Ployes!
by Alain Ouellette

Growing up in an Acadian French family and eating ployes


Beef Cutlet always reminds me of home in Iran
by Parivash Rohani

Making beef cutlet in Maine connects me to my home in Iran and my Baha'i faith.