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Item 17132

Moses bed, Littleton, c. 1910

Contributed by: Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum Date: circa 1910 Location: Littleton Media: Grass

Item 23034

Rope bed, Mapleton, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Haystack Historical Society Date: circa 1900 Location: Mapleton Media: Wood, rope

Item 66032

Letter concerning hospital beds, Boston, 1861

Contributed by: Edmund S. Muskie Archives and Special Collections Library Date: 1861 Location: Portland Media: Ink on paper

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Surgeon General Alonzo Garcelon

Alonzo Garcelon of Lewiston was a physician, politician, businessman, and civic leader when he became Maine's surgeon general during the Civil War, responsible for ensuring regiments had surgeons, for setting up a regimental hospital in Portland, and generally concerned with the well-being of Maine soldiers.


Taber Wagon

The Taber farm wagon was an innovative design that was popular on New England farms. It made lifting potato barrels onto a wagon easier and made more efficient use of the horse's work. These images glimpse the life work of its inventor, Silas W. Taber of Houlton, and the place of his invention in the farming community


Fallen Heroes: Last of the Jewish WWII Veterans

Listen to recordings from the last of the World War II Jewish veterans.

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Swan's Island: Six miles east of ordinary - Draining Baird's Quarry

… Baird's Quarry Quarry equipment in a truck bed, Swan's Island, 2003 Item 70651 infoSwan's Island Educational Society A piece of quarrying…

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Harvesting Potatoes - Page 3 of 13

The top of the bed would move toward the back, allowed the bed of the digger to sift the dirt from the row, leaving the potatoes (and rocks) to fall…

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Blue Hill, Maine - Craftsman

… "sleep tight" had its origins in the times when bed frames had a knotted rope grid to support a mattress pad.

My Maine Stories

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Welimahskil: Sweet grass
by Suzanne Greenlaw

Weaving Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and western science around Sweetgrass


Serving in Vietnam with Richard Hershel Green
by Peter P. Joyce Jr.

Don't get close to the new guy


A Lifelong Romance with Retail
by George A Smith

Maine's once plentiful small retail stores.