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Item 29011

Downtown Fire of 1894, Front Street, Bath

Contributed by: Jacqueline Sylvester through Patten Free Library Date: 1894 Location: Bath Media: Photographic print

Item 8139

South Channel Bridge, Skowhegan, 1901

Contributed by: Skowhegan History House Date: 1901-12-16 Location: Skowhegan Media: Photographic print

Item 27885

Front Street, Bath, ca. 1903

Contributed by: Patten Free Library Date: circa 1903 Location: Bath; Bath Media: Postcard

Tax Records

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Item 99089

113-115 Front Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Albert B. Stevens Use: Dwelling

Item 99090

Assessor's Record, 113-115 Front Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Albert B. Stevens Use: Garage


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A Riot of Words: Ballads, Posters, Proclamations and Broadsides

Imagine a day 150 years ago. Looking down a side street, you see the buildings are covered with posters and signs.


Portland Hotels

Since the establishment of the area's first licensed hotel in 1681, Portland has had a dramatic, grand and boisterous hotel tradition. The Portland hotel industry has in many ways reflected the growth and development of the city itself. As Portland grew with greater numbers of people moving through the city or calling it home, the hotel business expanded to fit the increasing demand.


A Focus on Trees

Maine has some 17 million acres of forest land. But even on a smaller, more local scale, trees have been an important part of the landscape. In many communities, tree-lined commercial and residential streets are a dominant feature of photographs of the communities.

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Bath's Historic Downtown - 94 Front Street

Oliver Moses and his brother William built and owned many blocks and buildings in commercial Bath, including part of the Union Block, where 94 Front

Site Page

Bath's Historic Downtown - Merchants' Row

The wind carried the fire along the west side of Front Street burning down everything in its path, almost impossible to stop.

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Bath's Historic Downtown - History Overview

The new Columbia Theatre and the YMCA building were not damaged. The last fire of the decade destroyed most of the residences and a church on the…

My Maine Stories

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History of Forest Gardens
by Gary Libby

This is a history of one of Portland's oldest local bars


Vietnam Memoirs
by David Chessey