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Item 78871

Village of Somesville, ca. 1918

Contributed by: Mount Desert Island Historical Society Date: circa 1918 Location: Mount Desert Media: Postcard

Item 6524

Popham Beach, c. 1930

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1930 Location: Popham Beach Media: Photoprint

Item 79071

East Dixfield Village Farm, Wilton side, ca. 1890

Contributed by: Dixfield Historical Society Date: circa 1890 Location: Dixfield Media: Photographic print


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Indians at the Centennial

Passamaquoddy Indians from Washington County traveled to Portland in 1920 to take part in the Maine Centennial Exposition. They set up an "Indian Village" at Deering Oaks Park.


Farm-yard Frames

Throughout New England, barns attached to houses are fairly common. Why were the buildings connected? What did farmers or families gain by doing this? The phenomenon was captured in the words of a children's song, "Big house, little house, back house, barn," (Thomas C. Hubka <em>Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn, the Connected Farm Buildings of New England,</em> University Press of New England, 1984.)


Waldoboro Fire Department's 175 Years

While the town of Waldoboro was chartered in 1773, it began organized fire protection in 1838 with a volunteer fire department and a hand pump fire engine, the Water Witch.

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Surry by the Bay - Surry Village School

Surry Village School Text by Lynn Bonsey, with sections adapted from Surry, Maine: An informal History by Osmond C.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - 1895 Village School

1895 Village School Village School student body, Strong, ca. 1895 Item 65513 infoStrong Historical Society Strong had as many as eight…

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Online Items

… but children within a couple miles of the village attended the Village School. This building was vacated, and later sold to the Grange, when a…

My Maine Stories

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Carrabassett Village and the Red Stallion Inn circa 1960
by David Rollins

The creation of Carrabassett Village and the Red Stallion Inn at Sugarloaf USA


Memories of a mission in Vietnam, January 11, 1970
by SGT. Ronald Santerre, 1st Calvary Division

Extracting villagers from the Viet Cong in Vietnam


Stories from Eastport
by Ruth McInnis

My memories of growing up in Eastport, WWII, camping, and history on the border