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Item 17833

Portrait of William W. Thomas

Contributed by: An individual through New Sweden Historical Society Date: 1885 Location: Stockholm Media: Oil on Canvas

Item 17831

William Thomas appointment case, ca. 1890

Contributed by: New Sweden Historical Society Date: circa 1890 Location: Portland; Stockholm Media: Ivory

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Item 102763

William Widgery Thomas' Commissioner of Immigration certificate, Portland, 1870

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1870-03-25 Location: Portland; Augusta Media: Vellum, Ink, Silk

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400 years of New Mainers

Immigration is one of the most debated topics in Maine. Controversy aside, immigration is also America's oldest tradition, and along with religious tolerance, what our nation was built upon. Since the first people--the Wabanaki--permitted Europeans to settle in the land now known as Maine, we have been a state of immigrants.

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - The Coming of the Swedes, 1870-73

When W.W. Thomas and the first group of Swedes arrived on July 23, 1870, however, Burleigh's work was not yet finished - only six of the 25 log…

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - The Colony Continues to Grow, 1874 - 1900

Thomas himself wrote that he only told stories of the victories of the colony and did not report about the struggles, which were soon forgotten.

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - New Sweden Athletic Club

New Sweden Athletic Club Skiers, New Sweden, ca. 1935Item Contributed byNew Sweden Historical Society In 1931-1932 a group of young men…