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Item 8711

Syrup house, Waterford, ca. 1905

Contributed by: Waterford Historical Society Date: circa 1905 Location: Waterford Media: Photographic print

Item 54853

Good Will boys at Maplecroft Sap House, Fairfield, ca. 1945

Contributed by: L.C. Bates Museum / Good Will-Hinckley Homes Date: circa 1945 Location: Fairfield Media: Photographic print

Item 79308

The Hall Farm Homestead, East Dixfield, 1935

Contributed by: Dixfield Historical Society Date: 1935 Location: Dixfield Media: Postcard

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 149092

Mountain Top Farm sugar shack planting plan, Chittenden, VT, 1972-2008

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1972–2008 Location: Chittenden Clients: Stanley Fishkin; Nancy Marshall Architect: Patrick Chasse; Landscape Design Associates

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Maine Sweets: Confections and Confectioners

From chocolate to taffy, Mainers are inventive with our sweet treats. In addition to feeding our sweet tooth, it's also an economic driver for the state.


Maine Eats: the food revolution starts here

From Maine's iconic lobsters, blueberries, potatoes, apples, and maple syrup, to local favorites like poutine, baked beans, red hot dogs, Italian sandwiches, and Whoopie Pies, Maine's identity and economy are inextricably linked to food. Sourcing food, preparing food, and eating food are all part of the heartbeat of Maine's culture and economy. Now, a food revolution is taking us back to our roots in Maine: to the traditional sources, preparation, and pleasures of eating food that have sustained Mainers for millennia.


In Time and Eternity: Shakers in the Industrial Age

"In Time and Eternity: Maine Shakers in the Industrial Age 1872-1918" is a series of images that depict in detail the Shakers in Maine during a little explored time period of expansion and change.

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Site Page

Skowhegan Community History - Farming in the Skowhegan Area

"Maine blueberries still sell well and the maple syrup is exceptional. Many small farms are gone and that is the sad story indeed."

Site Page

Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Brief History

"The syrup was a staple sugar source to early inhabitants; it is believed local Indians, such as Pierpole, taught the residents how to boil sap into…"

Site Page

Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Agriculture

"… of corn and a large herd of cattle.” Titcomb Syrup Bottle The Titcomb Family made maple syrup for over 200 years."