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Item 69871

Surgeon request to join regiment, Augusta, 1861

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1861-12-17 Location: Augusta; Lowell Media: Ink on paper

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Item 66033

Letter opposing appointment of regimental surgeon, Portland, 1862

Contributed by: Edmund S. Muskie Archives and Special Collections Library Date: 1862 Location: Portland Media: Ink on paper

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Item 10696

Title page of book on digestion, Bath, 1833

Contributed by: Patten Free Library Date: circa 1822 Location: Bath Media: book, Ink on paper


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Surgeon General Alonzo Garcelon

Alonzo Garcelon of Lewiston was a physician, politician, businessman, and civic leader when he became Maine's surgeon general during the Civil War, responsible for ensuring regiments had surgeons, for setting up a regimental hospital in Portland, and generally concerned with the well-being of Maine soldiers.


Lt. Charles A. Garcelon, 16th Maine

The son of Maine's surgeon general and nephew of a captain in the 16th Maine, Charles A. Garcelon of Lewiston served in Co. I of the 16th Maine. His letters home in the first 17 months of his service express his reflections on war and his place in it.


Student Exhibit: Medicine in Times Past

Inspired by Dr. Greenleaf Wilbur's medical box at the Skowhegan History House, this exhibit highlights some Mainers in the medical field of the past and the stories they had.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Online Items

He moved his practice to Farmington after 40 years of service in Strong. As a physician and surgeon, he was loved and respected by all.

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Mercy Hospital - Founding of Mercy

… Marion Weeks, the daughter of a distinguished surgeon in town, donated a portion of her property on the intersection of Congress and State Street…

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Historic Hallowell - Henry Pope Clearwater Ph.D.~ Patient Medicine Mass Marketer

… for Major John Quincy Adams Hawes, a retired Army surgeon who operated a pharmacy in downtown Hallowell.

My Maine Stories

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My work as chief of surgery at Mercy Hospital
by Dr. Robert McAfee, MD

Dr. McAfee, MD, former chief of surgery discussed his former colleagues and his work at Mercy


My Mom was a nurse in the 8055 MASH, Korea
by Pat MacPherson

I’m so proud of my mother and the thousands of Army & Navy nurses who served in WWII & Korea


My father, Earle Ahlquist, served during World War II
by Earlene Chadbourne

Earle Ahlquist used his Maine common sense during his Marine service and to survive Iwo Jima