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Item 33787

Guilford Public School, June 20, 1887

Contributed by: Guilford Historical Society Date: 1887-06-20 Location: Guilford Media: Photographic print

Item 17408

Fryeburg Academy student body, 1886

Contributed by: Fryeburg Academy Archives Date: 1886 Location: Fryeburg Media: Photographic print

Item 65513

Village School student body, Strong, ca. 1895

Contributed by: Strong Historical Society Date: circa 1895 Location: Strong Media: Card-mounted sepia-toned photograph


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Bowdoin College Scientific Expedition to Labrador

"The Bowdoin Boys" -- some students and recent graduates -- traveled to Labrador in 1891 to collect artifacts, specimens, and to try to find Grand Falls, a waterfall deep in Labrador's interior.


Westbrook Seminary: Educating Women

Westbrook Seminary, built on Stevens Plain in 1831, was founded to educate young men and young women. Seminaries traditionally were a form of advanced secondary education. Westbrook Seminary served an important function in admitting women students, for whom education was less available in the early and mid nineteenth century.


Student Exhibit: Logging on Kennebec River

I became interested in the Kennebec River log drive when my grandfather would tell me stories. He remembers watching the logs flow down the river from his home in Fairfield, a small town along the Kennebec River.

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Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - Crime & Disaster - Page 1 of 2

… head with a metal pipe and then incinerating her body. The furnace was located in the basement of Loring, Short & Harmon stationary store, at 474…

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Online Items

Online Items Village School student body, Strong, ca. 1895 Item 65513 infoStrong Historical Society Strong had as many as eight district…

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - 1895 Village School

1895 Village School Village School student body, Strong, ca. 1895 Item 65513 infoStrong Historical Society Strong had as many as eight…

My Maine Stories

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Surfing in Maine
by Emma G.

Emma, a student of documentary film making, talks about surfing at Scarborough Beach


Scientist Turned Artist Making Art Out of Trash
by Ian Trask

Bowdoin College alum returns to midcoast Maine to make environmentally conscious artwork

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Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Maine's Beneficial Bugs: Insect Sculpture Upcycle/ Recycle S.T.E.A.M Challenge

Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8 Content Area: Science & Engineering, Visual & Performing Arts
In honor of Earth Day (or any day), Students use recycled, reused, and upcycled materials to create a sculpture of a beneficial insect that lives in the state of Maine. Students use the Engineer Design Process to develop their ideas. Students use the elements and principles to analyze their prototypes and utilize interpersonal skills during peer feedback protocol to accept and give constructive feedback.