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Item 102214

Marguerite Waterman Cobb's dress, Portland, ca. 1923

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1923 Location: Portland Media: Silk

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Item 31532

Journal of the American Silk Society, Baltimore, 1840

Courtesy of Jacqueline Field, an individual partner Date: 1840 Media: Ink on paper

Item 100305

Russian silk shawl, Kupavno, Russia, 1804

Contributed by: Tate House Museum Date: 1804 Location: Kupavno; Portland Media: Silk

Tax Records

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Item 46347

275 Danforth Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Mary B Silk Use: Dwelling - Two family

Item 75585

39-41 Smith Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Mary E. Silke Use: Dwelling - Two family


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Silk Manufacturing in Westbrook

Cultivation of silkworms and manufacture of silk thread was touted as a new agricultural boon for Maine in the early 19th century. However, only small-scale silk production followed. In 1874, the Haskell Silk Co. of Westbrook changed that, importing raw silk, and producing silk machine twist threat, then fabrics, until its demise in 1930.


Fashionable Maine: early twentieth century clothing

Maine residents kept pace with the dramatic shift in women’s dress that occurred during the short number of years preceding and immediately following World War I. The long restrictive skirts, stiff collars, body molding corsets and formal behavior of earlier decades quickly faded away and the new straight, dropped waist easy-to-wear clothing gave mobility and freedom of movement in tune with the young independent women of the casual, post-war jazz age generation.


Samplers: Learning to Sew

Settlers' clothing had to be durable and practical to hold up against hard work and winters. From the 1700s to the mid 1800s, the women of Maine learned to sew by making samplers.

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Gauze evening dress with silk sash, ca. 1865 Contributed by Maine Historical Society Description An 1867 issue of Peterson's Magazine…

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Historic Clothing Collection - Outerwear 1900-1930

… with a button tab detail yoke, patterned woven silk braid trimming and long tasseled silk neck ties; and a 1920s short straight fur lined…

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… quality turquoise silk pigeon bodice gown with a silk chiffon neckpiece; a white figured silk dress, with a standing collar and spreading cape-like…

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From Chinese Laundress to Mother of the Year
by Dr. Andrea Louie

Toy Len Goon's granddaughter recounts her immigration to the US and becoming Mother of the Year.


My life as a revolutionary knitter
by Katharine Cobey

Moving to Maine and confronting knitting stereotypes