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Item 148514

City Hall Auditorium seats, Portland, ca. 1912

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1912 Location: Portland Media: Wood, wool, iron

Item 15522

Cumston Hall Auditorium Seating, Monmouth, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Monmouth Museum Date: circa 1900 Location: Monmouth Media: Glass Negative

Item 82216

J. C. Robicheaw & Sons seat delivery, Westbrook, ca. 1940

Contributed by: Walker Memorial Library Date: circa 1940 Location: Westbrook Media: Photographic print

Tax Records

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Item 99036

Assessor's Record, 1929-2013 Forest Avenue, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Riverton Realty Company Use: Amusement

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 148633

Portland Hebrew School seating arrangement plan, 1955

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1955–1958 Location: Portland Client: Portland Hebrew School Synagogue Association Architect: Abraham Siegal

Item 110490

Planting plan and garden seat for Fortune Rock, Mount Desert, 1987

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1987 Location: Mount Desert Client: C. Graham Berwind Architect: Landscape Design Associates

Item 111984

Somerset County Court House, Skowhegan, 1873-1904

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1873–1904 Location: Skowhegan Client: Somerset County Architect: John Calvin Stevens

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A Field Guide to Trolley Cars

Many different types of trolley cars -- for different weather, different uses, and different locations -- were in use in Maine between 1895-1940. The "field guide" explains what each type looked like and how it was used.


The Nativist Klan

In Maine, like many other states, a newly formed Ku Klux Klan organization began recruiting members in the years just before the United States entered World War I. A message of patriotism and cautions about immigrants and non-Protestants drew many thousands of members into the secret organization in the early 1920s. By the end of the decade, the group was largely gone from Maine.


People, Pets & Portraits

Informal family photos often include family pets -- but formal, studio portraits and paintings also often feature one person and one pet, in formal attire and pose.

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Site Page

Presque Isle: The Star City - Pioneer Club, Presque Isle, ca. 1915

"Parkhurst, George Parsons, H. Forbes. Seated is Rev G. Park. The Presque Isle Pioneer Club was organized in June 1915 by the remaining living…"

Site Page

Early Maine Photography - Studio Portraits

"In the other three images, the subject is seated in an elaborately carved Gothic Revival chair. Photographers in smaller communities sometimes relied…"

Site Page

Early Maine Photography - Art - Page 2 of 2

"… is especially evident in a tintype of a man seated on a bench on a faux beach with a maritime scene behind him, complete with a sailing vessel and…"

My Maine Stories

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Seawolf Outhouse Robbery
by Roger Ek, Seawolf 25

How necessity creates invention, and the moving of an outhouse in Vietnam.


Welcome home Sgt. Cunningham
by Donald C Cunningham

It was great to be back in Maine.


Harold's Garage, Rome Hollow, Maine
by Mimi C

Story about Harold Hawes, owner of Harold's garage and self-styled auctioneer in Rome Hollow, Maine