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Item 56734

Israel bonds fund-raising dinner, Bangor, ca. 1970

Contributed by: Bangor Public Library Date: circa 1970 Location: Bangor Media: Photographic print

Item 52660

Hiram Adelman, Mars Hill, ca. 1935

Contributed by: An individual through Colby College Special Collections Date: circa 1935 Location: Mars Hill Media: Photographic print

Item 52661

Cohen shop, Bangor, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Bangor Public Library Date: circa 1930 Location: Bangor Media: Photographic print

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"Twenty Nationalities, But All Americans"

Concern about immigrants and their loyalty in the post World War I era led to programs to "Americanize" them -- an effort to help them learn English and otherwise adjust to life in the United States. Clara Soule ran one such program for the Portland Public Schools, hoping it would help the immigrants be accepted.


400 years of New Mainers

Immigration is one of the most debated topics in Maine. Controversy aside, immigration is also America's oldest tradition, and along with religious tolerance, what our nation was built upon. Since the first people--the Wabanaki--permitted Europeans to settle in the land now known as Maine, we have been a state of immigrants.


Shaarey Tphiloh, Portland's Orthodox Synagogue

Shaarey Tphiloh was founded in 1904 by immigrants from Eastern Europe. While accommodating to American society, the Orthodox synagogue also has retained many of its traditions.

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Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - "Twenty Nationalities, But All Americans"

Americans" Twenty Nationalities, But All Americans View Immigration and Americanization slideshow Text by Rachel Miller Images from Maine…

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - VII. Flow and ebb: the effects of industrial peak & global upheaval (1900-1955) - Page 1 of 3

… Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Danish, Polish, Russian and Italian. There was also poverty, violence, ethnic strife and rancorous politics.

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Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - Icons & Influencers

While photo journalism began during the American Civil War, newspapers seldom used photography to illustrate or enhance stories until nearly seventy…

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Jennie Aranovitch - honoring family legacy and Jewish identity
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Her great-grandparents journey from Belarus through current day Jewish experience in Biddeford.