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Item 15418

Evening Express motorboat, Portland, 1922

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society/MaineToday Media Date: 1922 Location: Portland Media: Glass Negative

Item 19209

High School, Bar Harbor, ca. 1909

Contributed by: Jesup Memorial Library Date: circa 1909 Location: Bar Harbor Media: Postcard

Item 21037

Portland Harbor, 1895

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1895 Location: Portland Media: Photographic print

Tax Records

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Item 87436

McLoud property, Harbor Grace, Long Island, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Cornelius McLoud Use: Fish House

Item 89807

Russell property, Harbor Grace, Long Island, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Jane A. Russell Use: Shed

Item 89800

Russell property, HArbor Grace, Long Island, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Jane A. Russell Use: Summer Dwelling


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Home: The Longfellow House & the Emergence of Portland

The Wadsworth-Longfellow house is the oldest building on the Portland peninsula, the first historic site in Maine, a National Historic Landmark, home to three generations of Wadsworth and Longfellow family members -- including the boyhood home of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The history of the house and its inhabitants provide a unique view of the growth and changes of Portland -- as well as of the immediate surroundings of the home.


Portland Hotels

Since the establishment of the area's first licensed hotel in 1681, Portland has had a dramatic, grand and boisterous hotel tradition. The Portland hotel industry has in many ways reflected the growth and development of the city itself. As Portland grew with greater numbers of people moving through the city or calling it home, the hotel business expanded to fit the increasing demand.


South Portland's Wartime Shipbuilding

Two shipyards in South Portland, built quickly in 1941 to construct cargo ships for the British and Americans, produced nearly 270 ships in two and a half years. Many of those vessels bore the names of notable Mainers.

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Site Page

Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - Along the Waterfront

Along the Waterfront X The Portland Press Herald and the Evening Express ran a regular column on what was going on on Portland's busy working…

Site Page

Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - 1925 National Governors' Association Convention

… Navy Airship Shenandoah, which took them from Bar Harbor to Passamaquoddy Bay, to Mt. Katahdin, Moosehead Lake, Rangley Lake, as well as various…

Site Page

Home: The Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Portland - The Longfellow Era: 1807-1901

He and his family frequently visited Portland. Anne Longfellow Pierce, Portland, ca. 1855Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society Anne…

My Maine Stories

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Portland in the 1940s
by Carol Norton Hall

As a young woman in Portland during WWII, the presence of servicemen was life changing.


How Far is Deep Enough?
by Molly M.

Wading into Casco Bay after a hot and prickly afternoon on an island off Portland.


History of Forest Gardens
by Gary Libby

This is a history of one of Portland's oldest local bars