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Item 72953

Edna St. Vincent Millay, Corrine Sawyer, Rockland, 1912

Contributed by: Camden Public Library Date: 1912 Location: Rockland Media: Photographic print

Item 6615

The Green Parrot Tea Room and Gift Shop, Naples, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1930 Location: Naples Media: Photographic print

Item 102750

Sadie Gowen house, Coopers Mills, Whitefield, ca. 1910

Contributed by: An individual through Whitefield Historical Society Date: circa 1910 Location: Whitefield Media: Postcard

Tax Records

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Item 32508

Assessor's Record, 46 Avon Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Kathleen L Crabbe Use: Porch - Sleeping

Item 75726

Assessor's Record, 115-117 State Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Elizabeth Milliken Use: Sleeping Porch


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San Life: the Western Maine Sanatorium, 1928-1929

Merle Wadleigh of Portland, who was in his mid 20s, took and saved photographs that provide a glimpse into the life of a tuberculosis patient at the Western Maine Sanatorium in Hebron in 1928-1929.


Farm-yard Frames

Throughout New England, barns attached to houses are fairly common. Why were the buildings connected? What did farmers or families gain by doing this? The phenomenon was captured in the words of a children's song, "Big house, little house, back house, barn," (Thomas C. Hubka <em>Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn, the Connected Farm Buildings of New England,</em> University Press of New England, 1984.)


Sylvan Site: A Model Development

Frederick Wheeler Hinckley, a Portland lawyer and politician, had grand visions of a 200-home development when he began the Sylvan Site in South Portland in 1917. The stock market crash in 1929 put a halt to his plans, but by then he had built 37, no two of which were alike.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Online Items

Note the structure on the front porch roof of the clothing store. There was a meeting hall in the second story of this building.

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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea - The Edward O'Brien House

In later years, bay windows were added to the house at 313 Main Street, and the front porches were removed from both.

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Historic Hallowell - John Calvin Stevens House

Note the turret and open, rounded porch which are drawn into the skin of the house by the unifying shingles.

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"Mama sings 'get your hands up'": Maria's Diary June 2020
by Maria

Maria, 7 years old, records impressions of staying with her grandparents in Somesville in June 2020.