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Item 108785

Pussy hat, Augusta, 2017

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 2017 Location: Augusta Media: Polyester yarn

Item 108784

Purr-Sist button, Bethel, 2017

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 2017 Location: Bethel Media: Metal, plastic

Item 66677

Ku Klux Klan march, Island Falls, 1924

Contributed by: Cary Library Date: 1924-07-12 Location: Island Falls; Houlton Media: Photographic print


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Margaret Chase Smith: A Historic Candidacy

When she announced her candidacy for President in January 1964, three-term Republican Senator Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman to seek the nomination of one of the two major political parties.


State of Mind: Becoming Maine

The history of the region now known as Maine did not begin at statehood in 1820. What was Maine before it was a state? How did Maine separate from Massachusetts? How has the Maine we experience today been shaped by thousands of years of history?


Port of Portland's Custom House and Collectors of Customs

The collector of Portland was the key to federal patronage in Maine, though other ports and towns had collectors. Through the 19th century, the revenue was the major source of Federal Government income. As in Colonial times, the person appointed to head the custom House in Casco Bay was almost always a leading community figure, or a well-connected political personage.

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Maine's Road to Statehood - The Missouri Compromise: A Moral Dilemma

… however, had little impact on the closed-door politics in Washington in 1820. Despite an initial pushback by leading abolitionists and organizers…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Dancing Fraternity, City of Bangor, 1868

… rules of etiquette which will make our manners polite and easy." One of the bylaws is especially revealing.

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John Martin: Expert Observer - "Representing every particular:" John Martin's Reflections, Illustrations, and Commentary - Page 2 of 2

… gardening and farming, transportation, education, politics, dance and music, religion, the Civil War era, Irish in Bangor, family life, medicine…

My Maine Stories

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I was a regional volunteer coordinator for the Women’s March
by Erica McNally

Erica McNally's experiences in Washington at the Women's March, 2017


Participating in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington
by Sarah Gaba

Participating in the Women's March in Washington, D.C., 2017


Creating the Purr-Sist button
by Ellen Crocker

Motivated by the Women's March and Sen. Warren, I created these buttons