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Item 27888

Zina Hyde & Co. Chandlery, Pierce Photographic Gallery, Bath ca. 1865

Contributed by: Patten Free Library Date: circa 1865 Location: Bath Media: Photographic print

Item 36016

Anidrosis Sanitarium, Skowhegan, ca. 1880

Contributed by: Skowhegan History House Date: circa 1880 Location: Skowhegan Media: Photographic print

Item 28463

George Pepper, Civil War, ca. 1861

Contributed by: Patten Free Library Date: circa 1861 Location: Bath; Yorktown Media: Tintype


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Eternal Images: Photographing Childhood

From the earliest days of photography doting parents from across Maine sought to capture images of their young children. The studio photographs often reflect the families' images of themselves and their status or desired status.


Maine Streets: The Postcard View

Photographers from the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Co. of Belfast traveled throughout the state, especially in small communities, taking images for postcards. Many of these images, taken in the first three decades of the twentieth century, capture Main Streets on the brink of modernity.


Canning: A Maine Industry

Maine's corn canning industry, as illuminated by the career of George S. Jewett, prospered between 1850 and 1950.

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Early Maine Photography - The Vickery-Shettleworth Collection

Soon his criteria expanded to include portrait photographs of Maine people by local photographers. In junior high school, Earle Shettleworth read…

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Early Maine Photography - Famous People - Page 2 of 3

… just prior to the availability of the ambrotype process, which indicates that this picture is probably copied from an earlier daguerreotype.

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Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - Wiscasset's Arctic Connection

… a venue for many people to learn about his scientific voyages and feel a part of the preparations and process of the trips. View this Exhibit

My Maine Stories

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21st and 19th century technology and freelance photography
by Brendan Bullock

My work is a mash-up of cutting edge technology and 19th century chemistry techniques.


Black Lives Matter Protest Portland, Maine
by Joanne Arnold

Documenting the signage at Portland Police Station following the BLM Protests of June 2020


Tapestry, Seine Twine and Burlesque
by Barbara Burns

My work as a tapestry artist and dancer in Maine.