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Item 105095

Construction of Portland Press Herald auxiliary building, Portland, 1965

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1965-05-09 Location: Portland Media: photographic print

Item 28917

Civil Defense newspapers, 1958

Contributed by: An individual through Maine Historical Society Date: 1958 Media: Photographic print

Item 20114

Falmouth Gazette, 1785

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1785 Media: Ink on paper

Tax Records

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Item 37301

141-145 Commercial Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: William J Dennis Use: Store


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A Handwritten Community Newspaper

The eight issues of South Freeport's handwritten newspaper, distributed in 1859, provided "general interest and amusement" to the coastal community.


Eye in the Sky

In 1921, Guy Gannett purchased two competing Portland newspapers, merging them under the Portland Press Herald title. He followed in 1925 with the purchase the Portland Evening Express, which allowed him to combine two passions: photography and aviation.


Most Inconvenient Storm

A Portland newspaper wrote about an ice storm of January 28, 1886 saying, "The city of Portland was visited yesterday by the most inconvenient storm of the season."

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Moosehead Messenger

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Lincoln, Maine - Newspapers

… paragraphs"   Connie Rand Interview on Early Newspapers Newspapers have changed and stayed the same in many ways.

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Bangor Daily News Library

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My Maine Stories

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Canadian immigrant founds worlds largest paper company in 1898
by Hugh J. Chisholm

Hugh J. Chisholm founded International Paper, which was the world's largest paper company in 1898.


Cleaning Fish or How Grandfather and Grandmother got by
by Randy Randall

Grandfather and Grandmother subsisted on the fish Grandfather caught, not always legally.


My father, Earle Ahlquist, served during World War II
by Earlene Chadbourne

Earle Ahlquist used his Maine common sense during his Marine service and to survive Iwo Jima