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Item 8882

The Youth's Guide in Zion, 1842

Contributed by: United Society of Shakers Date: 1842 Location: New Lebanon; Canterbury Media: Paper booklet

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Item 105682

Anne Wilson's Art Deco design dress, Sommerville, MA, ca. 1925

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1925 Location: Somerville Media: rayon, rhinestones

Item 36106

Josiah Pierce on death of daughter, 1877

Contributed by: Pierce Family Collection through Maine Historical Society Date: 1877 Location: London Media: Ink on paper

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Longfellow: The Man Who Invented America

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a man and a poet of New England conscience. He was influenced by his ancestry and his Portland boyhood home and experience.


Drawing Together: Art of the Longfellows

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is best know as a poet, but he also was accomplished in drawing and music. He shared his love of drawing with most of his siblings. They all shared the frequent activity of drawing and painting with their children. The extended family included many professional as well as amateur artists, and several architects.


Amazing! Maine Stories

These stories -- that stretch from 1999 back to 1759 -- take you from an amusement park to the halls of Congress. There are inventors, artists, showmen, a railway agent, a man whose civic endeavors helped shape Portland, a man devoted to the pursuit of peace and one known for his military exploits, Maine's first novelist, a woman who recorded everyday life in detail, and an Indian who survived a British attack.

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Home: The Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Portland - The Longfellow Era: 1807-1901

Anne lived 87 of her 90 years in the house she called "dear old home." "[i] am happier here than anywhere.

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Lubec, Maine - A Signature Quilt

In front, quiltmaker Almeda Wormell Case, Eliza Ann Wormell Marston, Clarinda Wormell McLaughton. A sixth sister, Selinda J. Wormell, died in 1862.

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Historic Clothing Collection - 1950-1960 - Page 1 of 4

… skirt and stiff net petticoat, associated with Ann Clark, and labeled "A David Crystal Fashion." In the absence of a famous poodle skirt, the next…