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Item 30971

Memorial Day Parade, Guilford, 1911

Contributed by: Guilford Historical Society Date: 1911-05-30 Location: Guilford Media: Photographic print

Item 16673

Presque Isle Memorial Day parade, 1944

Contributed by: Presque Isle Air Museum Date: 1944-05-30 Location: Presque Isle Media: Photographic print

Item 31522

Prince Memorial Library, Cumberland, ca. 1955

Contributed by: Prince Memorial Library Date: circa 1955 Location: Cumberland Media: Photographic print

Tax Records

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Item 70369

Assessor's Record, 133 Pleasant Avenue, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Clark Memorial Church Use: Shed

Item 70368

135 Pleasant Avenue, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Clark Memorial Church Use: Dwelling - Single family

Item 70238

Assessor's Record, 1-11 Pleasant Avenue, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Clark Memorial Church Use: Church


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WWI Memorial Trees along Portland's Baxter Boulevard

On Memorial Day of 1920, the City of Portland planted 100 Linden trees on Forest Avenue, each dedicated to the memory of one military service member who had died in World War I, or who had served honorably.


A Day for Remembering

Most societies have had rituals or times set aside to honor ancestors, those who have died and have paved the way for the living. Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, is the day Americans have set aside for such remembrances.


The Kotzschmar Memorial Organ

A fire and two men whose lives were entwined for more than 50 years resulted in what is now considered to be "the Jewel of Portland" -- the Austin organ that was given to the city of Portland in 1912.

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John Bapst Memorial High School

View collections, facts, and contact information for this Contributing Partner.

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Cumberland & North Yarmouth - Cumberland's Prince Memorial Library : Evolution of a Community Institution

1995 constructionItem Contributed byPrince Memorial Library Young Adult Room (1996) The Prince Memorial Library Young Adult Challenge was launched…

Site Page

Bath's Historic Downtown - Davenport Memorial and City Hall

… columns is an inscription that states, “Davenport Memorial In Memory of Charles Davenport.” This particular building designed by Charles Loring, is…

My Maine Stories

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USCG Boot Camp Experience, Vietnam War era
by Peter S. Morgan, Jr.

"Letters to the Wall" Memorial Day


Childhood Memories of Learning to Swim on Rangeley Lake
by Betty C.

Betty's two older sisters taught her how to swim on Rangeley Lake.


How Belfast was the Chicken Capital of the Northeast
by Ralph Chavis

My memories of spending time in Belfast as a child when my father worked in the chicken industry.

Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan

Portland History: Lemuel Moody and the Portland Observatory

Grade Level: 3-5 Content Area: Social Studies
Lemuel Moody and the Portland Observatory Included are interesting facts to share with your students and for students, an interactive slide show available on-line at Maine Memory Network. The "Images" slide show allows students to place historical images of the Observatory in a timeline. Utilizing their observation skills students will place these images in chronological order by looking for changes within the built environment for clues. Also available is the "Maps" slide show, a series of maps from key eras in Portland's history. Students will answer the questions in the slide show to better understand the topography of Portland, the need for an Observatory and the changes in the landscape and the population centers.

Lesson Plan

Portland History: "My Lost Youth" - Longfellow's Portland, Then and Now

Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12 Content Area: English Language Arts, Social Studies
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow loved his boyhood home of Portland, Maine. Born on Fore Street, the family moved to his maternal grandparents' home on Congress Street when Henry was eight months old. While he would go on to Bowdoin College and travel extensively abroad, ultimately living most of his adult years in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he never forgot his beloved Portland. Years after his childhood, in 1855, he wrote "My Lost Youth" about his undiminished love for and memories of growing up in Portland. This exhibit, using the poem as its focus, will present the Portland of Longfellow's boyhood. In many cases the old photos will be followed by contemporary images of what that site looked like 2004. Following the exhibit of 68 slides are five suggested lessons that can be adapted for any grade level, 3–12.

Lesson Plan

Longfellow's Ripple Effect: Journaling With the Poet - "My Lost Youth"

Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Postsecondary Content Area: English Language Arts, Social Studies
This lesson is part of a series of six lesson plans that will give students the opportunity to become familiar with the works of Longfellow while reflecting upon how his works speak to their own experiences.