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Item 101079

Bird Hill, Bethel, ca. 1905

Contributed by: Bethel Historical Society Date: circa 1905 Location: Bethel Media: Photographic print

Item 102355

Mother and daughter, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Stanley Museum on deposit at Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1910 Media: Glass Negative

Item 76338

Pond School Improvement Day, St. Albans, 1922

Contributed by: St. Albans Historical Society Date: 1922-04-28 Location: St. Albans Media: Photographic print

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 110416

Shultz residence, Red Hook, NY, 2003

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 2003 Location: Red Hook Client: David Shultz Architect: Landscape Design Associates

Item 110500

Novogrod Pool, Woodbury, CT, 1992

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1992 Location: Woodbury Client: John Novogrod, Architect: Landscape Design Associates

Item 110418

Moore-Quin project, Essex, MA, 1996-2003

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1996–2003 Location: Essex; Essex Client: Elizabeth Mills Architect: Landscape Design Associates

Online Exhibits

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Good Will-Hinckley: Building a Landscape

The landscape at the Good Will-Hinckley campus in Fairfield was designed to help educate and influence the orphans and other needy children at the school and home.


Maine Through the Eyes of George W. French

George French, a native of Kezar Falls and graduate of Bates College, worked at several jobs before turning to photography as his career. He served for many years as photographer for the Maine Development Commission, taking pictures intended to promote both development and tourism.


A Focus on Trees

Maine has some 17 million acres of forest land. But even on a smaller, more local scale, trees have been an important part of the landscape. In many communities, tree-lined commercial and residential streets are a dominant feature of photographs of the communities.

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Site Page

Early Maine Photography - Landscape Photography - Page 2 of 2

Landscape Photography Landscape Photography Slideshow Click on image for full slideshow Dotting the landscape of mid-nineteenth century Maine…

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Early Maine Photography - Landscape Photography - Page 1 of 2

Landscape Photography Connor and Hathorn Building, Pittsfield, ca. 1860Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society Early outdoor photographs…

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Early Maine Photography - Landscape Photography - Page 3 of 3

Landscape Photography Bemis Family, South Paris, ca. 1870Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society Communities beyond the Portland area are…

My Maine Stories

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From Brooklyn to Maine
by Samuel Gelber

Moving to Maine changed my artistic style, and I continue to learn from the landscape every day.


Somali Bantu farmers put down roots in Maine
by Muhidin D. Libah

Running the Somali Bantu Community Association and finding food security in Maine


Rest Stop in Scarborough, Maine
by Lee Evans

This is about our first visit to Maine in 1998. My wife and I moved here from Maryland in 2007.

Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan

Longfellow's Ripple Effect: Journaling With the Poet - "My Lost Youth"

Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Postsecondary Content Area: English Language Arts, Social Studies
This lesson is part of a series of six lesson plans that will give students the opportunity to become familiar with the works of Longfellow while reflecting upon how his works speak to their own experiences.

Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Maine's Acadian Community: "Evangeline," Le Grand Dérangement, and Cultural Survival

Grade Level: 9-12 Content Area: English Language Arts, Social Studies
This lesson plan will introduce students to the history of the forced expulsion of thousands of people from Acadia, the Romantic look back at the tragedy in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous epic poem Evangeline and the heroine's adoption as an Acadian cultural figure, and Maine's Acadian community today, along with their relations with Acadian New Brunswick and Nova Scotia residents and others in the Acadian Diaspora. Students will read and discuss primary documents, compare and contrast Le Grand Dérangement to other forced expulsions in Maine history and discuss the significance of cultural survival amidst hardships brought on by treaties, wars, and legislation.

Lesson Plan

Longfellow Studies: "The Slave's Dream"

Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12 Content Area: English Language Arts, Social Studies
In December of 1842 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Poems on Slavery was published. "The Slave's Dream" is one of eight anti-slavery poems in the collection. A beautifully crafted and emotionally moving poem, it mesmerizes the reader with the last thoughts of an African King bound to slavery, as he lies dying in a field of rice. The 'landscape of his dreams' include the lordly Niger flowing, his green-eyed Queen, the Caffre huts and all of the sights and sounds of his homeland until at last 'Death illuminates his Land of Sleep.'