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Item 82994

Indian basket makers' tent ca. 1915, Boothbay Harbor

Contributed by: Boothbay Region Historical Society Date: circa 1915 Location: Boothbay Harbor Media: Photographic print

Item 25006

The Indian Village, Bar Harbor, ca. 1909

Contributed by: Jesup Memorial Library Date: circa 1909 Location: Bar Harbor Media: Postcard

Item 80722

Indian encampment, Bar Harbor, 1881

Contributed by: Abbe Museum Date: 1881 Location: Bar Harbor Media: Stereograph


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Indians, Furs, and Economics

When Europeans arrived in North America and disrupted traditional Native American patterns of life, they also offered other opportunities: trade goods for furs. The fur trade had mixed results for the Wabanaki.


Gifts From Gluskabe: Maine Indian Artforms

According to legend, the Great Spirit created Gluskabe, who shaped the world of the Native People of Maine, and taught them how to use and respect the land and the resources around them. This exhibit celebrates the gifts of Gluskabe with Maine Indian art works from the early nineteenth to mid twentieth centuries.


Big Timber: the Mast Trade

Britain was especially interested in occupying Maine during the Colonial era to take advantage of the timber resources. The tall, straight, old growth white pines were perfect for ships' masts to help supply the growing Royal Navy.

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Historic Hallowell - Meeting at Koussinok

… the “head of tide,” they came at last upon the Indian village they were seeking. Settlers were greeted warmly by the “gentle Abenaki” and were able…

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Historic Hallowell - Industry on Bombahook

… Bombahook by its original occupants, the Abenaki Indians. Another belief is that Sheppard's Point at the end of the stream is shaped like India…

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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea - Early History - 1719 to 1740

… at the fort supplied with goods suitable for Indian trade. From as early as 1734, limestone was quarried on Limestone Hill near the St.

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Mali Agat (Molly Ockett) the famous Wabanaki "Doctress"
by Maine Historical Society

Pigwacket Molly Ockett, healing, and cultural ecological knowledge


Wabanaki Fashion
by Decontie & Brown

Keeping the spirit and memories of our ancestors alive through fashion and creativity