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Item 20801

History of Vinalhaven, 1819

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1819 Location: Vinalhaven Media: Ink on paper

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Item 69226

History Pageant, Farmington State Normal School, 1924

Contributed by: Mantor Library at UMF Date: 1924-06-17 Location: Farmington Media: Photographic print

Item 11951

Abby Tilton, Skowhegan, ca. 1907

Contributed by: Skowhegan History House Date: circa 1907 Location: Skowhegan Media: Black Ink on buff art paper

Tax Records

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Item 49985

Assessor's Record, 18-28 Elm Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Portland Natural History Society Use: Land only


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A Brief History of Colby College

Colby originated in 1813 as Maine Literary and Theological Institution and is now a small private liberal arts college of about 1,800 students. A timeline of the history and development of Colby College from 1813 until the present.


We Used to be "Normal": A History of F.S.N.S.

Farmington's Normal School -- a teacher-training facility -- opened in 1863 and, over the decades, offered academic programs that included such unique features as domestic and child-care training, and extra-curricular activities from athletics to music and theater.


The Schooner Bowdoin: Ninety Years of Seagoing History

After traveling to the Arctic with Robert E. Peary, Donald B. MacMillan (1874-1970), an explorer, researcher, and lecturer, helped design his own vessel for Arctic exploration, the schooner <em>Bowdoin,</em> which he named after his alma mater. The schooner remains on the seas.

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - HISTORY

HISTORY of Biddeford...a Maine river town Text by Renée DesRoberts Research & editorial assistance provided by Sally Leahey, Raymond Gaudette…

Site Page

Skowhegan Community History - Exhibits

… Skowhegan Middle School have been exploring local history topics for the past eight years. These exhibits are clear evidence of rich learning in a…

Site Page

Skowhegan Community History - Sister Communities

… a diverse range of themes and topics in Maine history; lesson plans; a gallery of student history projects; online tools that allow site visitors…

My Maine Stories

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My paper making history
by Rick Simoneau

The history of my grandfather, father, and I working in the mills instilled a sense of community


The centuries-long history of Passamaquoddy Veterans
by Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy Historic Preservation Office

Passamaquoddy Veterans Protecting the Homeland


Mosher family history and my career at S.D. Warren
by Abbott Mosher

My family settled the Westbrook region and I am a 4th generation paper maker at S.D. Warren.