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Item 34465

Civil War Army Blanket, ca. 1865

Contributed by: Bangor Historical Society Date: circa 1865 Location: Bangor Media: Wool

Item 82152

James Parker, Artificer, First Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment, ca. 1863

Contributed by: Mount Desert Island Historical Society Date: circa 1863 Media: Photographic print

Item 15806

Memorial Print for Lt. Albert G. Abbott, 1864

Contributed by: Kings Landing Historical Settlement Date: 1864-06-18 Location: Fredericton; Petersburg Media: Lithograph

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John P. Sheahan, 1st Maine Cavalry, 31st Maine Infantry

John P. Sheahan of Dennysville served in the 1st Maine Cavalry from August 1862 until March 1864 when he was commissioned as a lieutenant in Co. E of the 31st Maine Infantry. His letters reveal much about the life of a soldier, including political views and thoughts about the war.


World War I and the Maine Experience

With a long history of patriotism and service, Maine experienced the war in a truly distinct way. Its individual experiences tell the story of not only what it means to be an American, but what it means to be from Maine during the war to end all wars.


This Rebellion: Maine and the Civil War

For Mainers like many other people in both the North and the South, the Civil War, which lasted from 1861-1865, had a profound effect on their lives. Letters, artifacts, relics, and other items saved by participants at home and on the battlefield help illuminate the nature of the Civil War experience for Mainers.

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Early Maine Photography - War - Page 2 of 2

Smith of Columbia Falls (1st Maine Heavy Artillery), described as a "farmer and lumberman, sturdy, robust, and practical, a most useful officer." In…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Civil War

… War James Parker, Artificer, First Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment, ca. 1863Item Contributed byMount Desert Island Historical Society Soon…

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Life on a Tidal River - Three Civil War Letters - Page 4 of 4

Print. Shaw, Horace H. The First Maine Heavy Artillery, 1861-1865 : a history of its part and place in the war for the union, with an outline of…

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The only letter to survive World War II
by Cyrene Slegona

Only one of many letters my father sent to his wife remained after he came home from World War II.