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Item 104446

Samuel L. Carleton daguerreotype, Portland, ca. 1852

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1852 Location: Portland Media: Daguerreotype

Item 105041

William Allen Love, ca. 1861

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1861 Media: Tintype

Item 103646

James Fowler family, Unity, ca. 1855

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1855 Location: Unity Media: Ambrotype


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John Dunn, 19th Century Sportsman

John Warner Grigg Dunn was an accomplished amateur photographer, hunter, fisherman and lover of nature. On his trips to Ragged Lake and environs, he became an early innovator among amateur wildlife photographers. His photography left us with a unique record of the Moosehead Lake region in the late nineteenth century.


Maine Streets: The Postcard View

Photographers from the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Co. of Belfast traveled throughout the state, especially in small communities, taking images for postcards. Many of these images, taken in the first three decades of the twentieth century, capture Main Streets on the brink of modernity.


Eternal Images: Photographing Childhood

From the earliest days of photography doting parents from across Maine sought to capture images of their young children. The studio photographs often reflect the families' images of themselves and their status or desired status.

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Early Maine Photography - Art

… artist Louis Daguerre announced his invention of photography in January 1839, painter Paul Delaroche declared, "From today, painting is dead." Yet…

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Early Maine Photography - Occupational Photography

Occupational Photography Captain Lewis Mitchell, Portland, ca. 1855Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society The presence of a farmer and a…

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Early Maine Photography - Early Maine Photography at Maine Historical Society

The former consists of James B. Vickery and Early G. Shettleworth, Jr.’s expansive collection of early photographs, initially donated to MHS in 2006.

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Story of the "little nun"
by Felicia Garant

My grandmother made a nun's outfit for me


Florence Ahlquist Link's WWII service in the WAVES
by Earlene Ahlquist Chadbourne

Florence Ahlquist, age 20, was trained to repair the new aeronautical cameras by the US Navy in WWII