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Item 33877

Postcard of the Blue Hill Fair, 1964

Contributed by: Blue Hill Public Library Date: 1964-09-07 Location: Blue Hill Media: Photographic print

Item 108647

Fair House, Topsham, ca. 1910

Contributed by: Penobscot Marine Museum Date: circa 1910 Location: Topsham Media: Glass Plate Negative

Item 28717

Dorcas Society Fair, Buxton, 1912

Contributed by: McArthur Public Library Date: circa 1912 Location: Hollis; Buxton Media: Photographic print

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"We are growing to be somewhat cosmopolitan..." Waterville, 1911

Between 1870 and 1911, Waterville more than doubled in size, becoming a center of manufacturing, transportation, and the retail trade and offering a variety of entertainments for its residents.


Blueberries to Potatoes: Farming in Maine

Not part of the American "farm belt," Maine nonetheless has been known over the years for a few agricultural items, especially blueberries, sweet corn, potatoes, apples, chickens and dairy products.


Poland Spring: Summering in Fashion

During the Gilded Age at the end of the nineteenth century, Americans sought to leave increasing urban, industrialized lives for the health and relaxation of the country. The Poland Spring resort, which offered a beautiful setting, healing waters, and many amenities, was one popular destination.

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Blue Hill, Maine - A Real Downeast County Fair

What most people don’t know is that the fair described in the book is the Blue Hill Fair! E.B White lived just down the road in Brooklin.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Northern Maine Fair Memories - Page 1 of 3

Now the Fair is nine days. The Fair has and will always be one of Presque Isle’s favorite entertainments for old and young people.

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Blue Hill, Maine - Farmer

… complete records of an orchard plan in the country. In 2010 planting was begun on the property to recreate the orchard following Fisher's plan…

My Maine Stories

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How the first chapter Veterans for Peace was founded in Maine
by Doug Rawlings

Veterans for Peace was founded in Maine and is now an international movement