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Item 68977

Greene Civil Defense first aid team, Auburn, 1957

Contributed by: National Archives at Boston Date: 1957-05-26 Location: Auburn; Greene Media: Photographic print

Item 78722

Rumford Falls Looking South, 1916

Contributed by: Greater Rumford Area Historical Society Date: 1916-06-26 Location: Rumford Media: Photographic print

Item 82074

Bramhall Reservoir Gate and Fence, Portland, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Portland Water District Date: circa 1930 Location: Portland Media: Photographic print


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Hermann Kotzschmar: Portland's Musical Genius

During the second half of the 19th century, "Hermann Kotzschmar" was a familiar household name in Portland. He spent 59 years in his adopted city as a teacher, choral conductor, concert artist, and church organist.


The Kotzschmar Memorial Organ

A fire and two men whose lives were entwined for more than 50 years resulted in what is now considered to be "the Jewel of Portland" -- the Austin organ that was given to the city of Portland in 1912.


Westbrook Seminary: Educating Women

Westbrook Seminary, built on Stevens Plain in 1831, was founded to educate young men and young women. Seminaries traditionally were a form of advanced secondary education. Westbrook Seminary served an important function in admitting women students, for whom education was less available in the early and mid nineteenth century.

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Historic Hallowell - Police and Fire Citations

ed. City of Hallowell, Maine. n.d. 13 Apr. 2011 <http://>. City of Ellsworth History. 2011. Ellsworth City Hall. 27 Mar.

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Historic Hallowell - Protect and Serve - Hallowell Fire and Police

… Hallowell was incorporated as a Town on April 26, 1771 and from its beginning recognized the responsibility to provide for the public safety of…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Agriculture

The first meeting was held May 26, 1840 with John Titcomb Esq., elected president and F.G. Butler secretary.