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Item 14579

Cooper's Broad Axe, ca. 1830

Contributed by: Davistown Museum Date: circa 1830 Media: Cast steel, wood

Item 10292

Broad axe, Alna, ca. 1800

Contributed by: Davistown Museum Date: circa 1800 Location: Alna Media: Forged Iron

Item 15626

Broad Axe

Contributed by: Davistown Museum Date: circa 1840 Location: Cornville Media: Forged iron, wooden handle


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State of Mind: Becoming Maine

The history of the region now known as Maine did not begin at statehood in 1820. What was Maine before it was a state? How did Maine separate from Massachusetts? How has the Maine we experience today been shaped by thousands of years of history?

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Highlighting Historical Hampden - Early Settlement

Using a broad axe and crude tools, Wheeler soon built a cabin for his family on a knoll which is now known as Dudley Street.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Native Americans

Mouth harps, iron arrowheads, knives, axe heads , clay pipes, glass beads, musket balls and gunflints have been found around Presque Isle, of both…