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Item 104815

NFBPWC delegates ride the "Caterpillar" at Old Orchard Beach, 1925

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society/MaineToday Media Date: 1925-07-18 Location: Old Orchard Beach Media: glass negative

Item 52177

Amusement Park wreckage, Old Orchard, 1948

Contributed by: Dyer Library Archives / Saco Museum Date: 1948-10-04 Location: Old Orchard Beach Media: Photographic print

Item 70043

Amusement Center, Old Orchard Beach, ca. 1938

Contributed by: Boston Public Library Date: circa 1938 Location: Old Orchard Beach Media: Linen texture postcard


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Fair Season: Crops, Livestock, and Entertainment

Agricultural fairs, intended to promote new techniques and better farming methods, have been held since the early 19th century. Before long, entertainments were added to the educational focus of the early fairs.


A Craze for Cycling

Success at riding a bike mirrored success in life. Bicycling could bring families together. Bicycling was good for one's health. Bicycling was fun. Bicycles could go fast. Such were some of the arguments made to induce many thousands of people around Maine and the nation to take up the new pastime at the end of the nineteenth century.


History in Motion: The Era of the Electric Railways

Street railways, whether horse-drawn or electric, required the building of trestles and tracks. The new form of transportation aided industry, workers, vacationers, and other travelers.

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Highlighting Historical Hampden - Riverside Park

Riverside Park was not unlike other amusement parks and resorts of the period. Landscape and civil engineer Frank Blaisdell drew up the plans for the…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Franklin County Agricultural Fair

Amusement rides have been added and thousands of people from Franklin County attend each year. Back to Farmington's History of Agriculture

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - Transportation Through the Years - Page 2 of 4

The trolleys also allowed residents to visit area amusement parks and beaches for pleasure at an affordable cost.