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Item 4163

Chamberlain and 20th Maine, Gettysburg reunion, 1889

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1889 Location: Gettysburg Media: Photographic print

Item 5187

Joshua L. Chamberlain, ca. 1862

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1861 Media: Carte de visite

Item 81161

Samuel L. Miller, 20th Maine

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1862 Media: Carte de visite


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Maine's 20th Regiment

The War was not going well for the Union and in the summer of 1862, when President Lincoln called for an additional 300,000 troops, it was not a surprise to see so many men enlist in an attempt to bring proper leadership into the Army.


Maine Politicians, National Leaders

From the early days of Maine statehood to the present, countless Maine politicians have made names for themselves on the national stage.


The Jews of Maine

Like other immigrant groups, Jews came to Maine to make a living and enjoy the natural and cultural environment. Their experiences have been shaped by their occupational choices, Jewish values and, until recently, experiences of anti-Semitism.

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Early Maine Photography - MHS Early Maine Photography Collections

… paper-based materials, many 19th and early 20th century repositories often overlooked the research value of photographs, and MHS was no exception…

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Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - Crime & Disaster - Page 1 of 2

… Historical Society/MaineToday Media On May 20th, 1921, Deering High School suffered a major fire that killed Captain James C.

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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea - Thomaston Architecture in the 20th Century

Thomaston Architecture in the 20th Century Corner of Hyler and Green Streets, Thomaston, Maine 2009Item Contributed byThomaston Historical…

My Maine Stories

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A Note from a Maine-American
by William Dow Turner

With 7 generations before statehood, and 5 generations since, Maine DNA carries on.


This Girl Loves Seaweed
by Marianne

Marianne played with seaweed as a child now she collects photos of others with seaweed.


Vietnam Memoirs
by David Chessey


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Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Primary Sources: The Maine Shipyard

Grade Level: 9-12 Content Area: Social Studies
This lesson plan will give students a close-up look at historical operations behind Maine's famed shipbuilding and shipping industries. Students will examine primary sources including letters, bills of lading, images, and objects, and draw informed hypotheses about the evolution of the seafaring industry and its impact on Maine’s communities over time.

Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Nation to Nation: Treaties and Legislation between the Wabanaki Nations and the State of Maine

Grade Level: 9-12 Content Area: Social Studies
This lesson plan asks high school students to think critically about and look closely at documentation regarding the Nation-to-Nation relationship between Maine (and the United States) and the Wabanaki peoples living within the drawn boundaries of the state over the last 400 years. This lesson asks students to participate in discussions about morality and legislative actions over time. Students will gain experience examining and responding to primary and secondary sources by looking at colonial treaties and proclamations, and legislative acts in the 20th and 21st centuries including the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act and the 21st century legal cases that the act spurred.