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Item 105395

Young woman's muslin dress, ca. 1830

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1830 Media: Cotton, metal

Item 105390

Gigot (leg-of-mutton) sleeve dress, Eastport, ca. 1837

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1837 Location: Eastport Media: cotton, metal

Item 105653

Jessie Carter's wedding dress, Bath, ca. 1896

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1896 Location: Bath Media: silk, cotton


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The Mainspring of Fashion

The mainspring of fashion is the process whereby members of one class imitate the styles of another, who in turn are driven to ever new expedients of fashionable change.


Poland Spring: Summering in Fashion

During the Gilded Age at the end of the nineteenth century, Americans sought to leave increasing urban, industrialized lives for the health and relaxation of the country. The Poland Spring resort, which offered a beautiful setting, healing waters, and many amenities, was one popular destination.


Portland Hotels

Since the establishment of the area's first licensed hotel in 1681, Portland has had a dramatic, grand and boisterous hotel tradition. The Portland hotel industry has in many ways reflected the growth and development of the city itself. As Portland grew with greater numbers of people moving through the city or calling it home, the hotel business expanded to fit the increasing demand.

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Historic Clothing Collection - White cotton dress with gigot sleeves, Portland, ca. 1828 - Page 1 of 2

Into the 1830s, the style's sleeves gradually increased in size. The dress was hand sewn, with its scalloped edges attached as a separate piece.

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Historic Clothing Collection - 1830-1850 - Page 1 of 3

The same three gowns also illustrate 1830s bodice pleat and gather detailing, and the fuller skirts, that in combination with the return of the…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Hampden, Upper and Lower corners, 1835

The area is as it existed in the 1830s. Martin described himself as an "expert accountant." He wrote the journal, three scrapbooks, and an account…