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Freedom & Captivity Stories

Added June 16, 2023

Used, Abused, Battered, and Confused
by Anonymous (Maine Correctional Center)

The experience of domestic violence and the criminal justice system in Maine

Added June 16, 2023

My Story of Trauma
by Anonymous (Maine Correction Center)

The process of being incarcerated is traumatic. This is my story.

Added June 16, 2023

If You Knew My Story
by Anonymous (Maine State Prison)

A story about incarceration in Maine

Added June 16, 2023

My Journey: Training Service Dogs in Prison
by Anonymous (Maine State Prison)

Inmates at Maine State Prison train dogs as service and companion animals. This is one story.

Added November 15, 2021

Thoughts of Freedom
by Raymond

Painting my thoughts and loves while incarcerated at Maine State Prison

Added May 5, 2021

We Are An Ordinary Family
by Catherine

Maine's abolitionists offer an answer to my questions about my family's experiences.