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Maine in the News: World War I Newspaper Project

Sarah Bailey, South Portland High School, Cumberland County



  • Social Studies -- History

3-4 days

  • 1851-1920
  • Civics & Citizenship

This lesson plan is designed to introduce students to the important role that Maine played in World War I. Students will act as investigators in order to learn about the time period as well as the active role that Maine took on.

  • Students will analyze primary source documents to learn more about World War I and Maine.
  • Students will work collaboratively to create an authentic looking newspaper.
  • Students will gain a deeper sense of the preparation for war and the war's efforts.
  • Students will explore the challenges that Maine and the United States faced as they entered into the war.
  • Students will work through a project-based inquiry to complete the assignment.

This lesson plan works in collaboration with technology. It will support any application that has a newspaper or newsletter format. This project can also be done in conjunction with an English class. The project is designed to allow students to take on different roles. Requirements for the project itself can be altered as needed.

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