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The Maine Memory Network is ADA & W3C compliant. If you are using a screen reader or other browser for the visually impaired and are experiencing difficulties, please contact us: Contact Form

Browser Compatibility

Which browsers are compatible with this site?

Netscape Navigator version 5.5 and above, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 and above for Windows. The America Online browser version 5 and above should be compatible with the site but has not been tested. We recommend Safari or Firefox, but discourage the use of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh.


If you're experiencing difficulties accessing certain areas, your computer may not be accepting cookies, or your system may be behind a corporate firewall, which can make accessing secure servers difficult.

Cookies must be enabled if you login to use the "My Album" or "My Account" features. If you are using the site without logging in, cookies are not required.

To learn more about cookies or the find out how to specifically change your browser settings to accept cookies, click here.


Plugins are small computer programs that allow your computer to perform a certain function, such as viewing certain file types or accessing multimedia files.

The Maine Memory Network website requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing transcriptions of handwritten documents. The zoom and rotate functions require the Macromedia Flash plugin. Audio can be played in your browser, without the aid of a plugin. If video does not play in your browser, we recommend the Quicktime plugin.

To learn more about plugins click here.

Download plugins:

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