Quick Start Guide: How to Participate

It's easy to become a Contributing Partner of the Maine Memory Network.

1. Apply to Become a Contributing Partner

a) Complete the online application. This will give us the information we need to contact you about your collections and to set up training.

b) Register for a free, online user account. You will need a password to access your contributor's administration links.

c) We will contact you to schedule an orientation session. An outreach consultant will visit you at your location and provide detailed training.

d) Sign the Contributor’s Agreement (.pdf), which outlines your rights and responsibilities, and mail or fax it to:

Maine Memory Network
c/o Maine Historical Society
489 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
Fax: 207-775-4301

2. Select items you wish to contribute

Review the selection guidelines and Contributing Partners' Manual.

3. Scan or photograph your original items

We can provide detailed scanning instructions based on your scanner model and image editing software. Review our digital standards.

  • The lowest file size acceptable is 2.5 MB, opened
  • Printable color scans should be 41 - 43 Mb, opened
  • All files uploaded to MMN should be JPG format with minimal compression
  • Bit Depth should be 24 bits for color images
  • Color images should be RGB format, not CMYK

Each organization's scanning and computer equipment is different. Our outreach staff will work with you to make sure your equipment does the job or we will recommend equipment for you to purchase. It may be possible to borrow a scanner from MMN if your organization cannot afford to purchase one.

4. Upload images.

There are three methods for uploading images to the database: one-at-a-time via the website, batch upload via FTP software, or you may send us a CD-ROM with your images for us to upload for you.

5. Catalog your items.

When an image is uploaded to the database, it receives a unique number (MMN item number) and a blank cataloging record is automatically created. You’ll catalog each record individually to provide complete information about the digitized images. Cataloging instructions can be found in the Contributing Partners' Manual. The MMN cataloging form is modeled after the Dublin Core system of object description.

6. Submit your items.

Once you've completed the MMN catalog form for a digital image, you must submit it for approval and review. You submit your catalog records simply by changing the status of your catalog record from Offline to Pending. Our project cataloger and outreach staff will review your items, add any missing subject headings and keywords, and put your items online.

7. Manage your online digital images.

Once your digital images are in the database, you can:

  • edit the record
  • replace the image
  • take the image offline (yet keep it in the system)
  • attach associated files (.pdf, .mp3, .mov)
  • make digital copies available for purchase, and
  • create online exhibits.

For complete instructions, download the Contributor’s Manual (.pdf)