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Butter Making on an Aroostook Family Farm

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Making butter, Littleton, ca. 1935

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Making butter, Littleton, ca. 1935 / Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum

Dorothy Campbell, born in 1922, learned butter making from her mother, Amber Beatrice Stockford Shaw, in the 1930's. Her mother's butter was either sold for 25 cents per pound or bartered at the local store in Littleton for supplies such as sugar, molasses, flour and vinegar. While attending Ricker Classical Institute, Houlton, she worked for a neighbor during summer vacations for $1 per day making butter and other duties. After graduation she continued working for her neighbor to earn money to study nursing. After completing her nurses training in 1946 she married and made butter on their own farm from 1946-1958 which she sold a Way's Market, Houlton, for $1 per pound. The tradition of home farm produced butter for the local market persisted longer in Aroostook County than it did in much of the rest of the country. Over the twenty-five years Dorothy made butter for home use and for sale, she used all of the sort of tools in this display.


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Dot Campbell describes making butter

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