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Lesson Plan Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in sharing a lesson plan with us and with teachers throughout Maine! Please refer to the following guidelines to help you create and upload your lesson plan. If you would like to bookmark our submission page, we recommend bookmarking this page as guidelines are subject to change.

Ready to get started? Take me to the Lesson Plan Submission Form! Questions before you get started? Email us at or give us a call at (207) 774-1822.

Naming and Describing your Lesson Plan

You may utilize the template created by Maine Historical Society, or use your own template. If you use your own template, we ask that the following information is still available.

Title: All lesson plans must have a title. Please give your lesson plan a name that will give other educators a quick glance at the type of content the lesson plan will contain. Find inspiration in the names of our current lesson plans.

Summary/Overview: Please describe your lesson plan in roughly one brief paragraph (2-3 sentences). This will give other educators a quick overview of the content of your lesson plan. Please note that the first ~100 characters of your summary will appear in search results on Maine Memory Network; start with the most informative information, or a sentence starting with something akin to "Students will learn..."

Objectives: What will students be able to demonstrate that they have learned by the end of this lesson? What will be achieved in this lesson?

Big Idea/Essential Questions: You do not need to include these in your lesson plan, but they can help guide instruction. The bicentennial lesson plans created by MHS utilize Big Ideas and essential questions. What is the main theme? What questions will students be able to answer?

Bicentennial Themes: MHS is proud to partner with the state initiatives for learning during the bicentennial commemoration in 2020. divides their educational resources into four major themes: Living in Maine, The Business of Maine, Maine Leads, and The Maine Character. Please choose the theme that best aligns to the content in your lesson plan. If you are submitting a bicentennial lesson plan that aligns to more than one theme, choose all that apply.

Duration: MHS will list the duration as a range of days—we define "days" in this context as number of times the class will meet. Because not all class periods are the same across schools, we suggest estimating a range of days as a guideline for other instructors. If a lesson will take only 30 minutes, you may choose to list 1 day. However, if the lesson relies heavily on classroom discussion and primary source examination and may take 1.5-2 hours, you may want to choose a range of 1-2 days.

Lesson Plan Contents and Additional Resources

We suggest detailing your lesson plan as a series of steps for future instructors. Include within your main lesson plan document any relevant information or resources teachers and students may need access to. You may choose to upload additional resources as a separate packet - for example, if you have created a document such as a worksheet, map, or timeline that students will use during the lesson, you may include this either within the lesson plan itself or as a separate document/packet of documents.

If your lesson plan relies on use of a video, podcast, or other external resource, please link to each resource separately.

If your lesson plan utilizes images, please ensure that you hold the copyright to the image (you are the photographer/artist) or you have permission from the owner to reproduce the image. If you have any questions regarding copyright, please refer to the standards at We cannot host unsourced images on Maine Memory Network.

Maine Memory Network

Maine Memory Network (MMN) is a free online tool that contains thousands of images from the Maine Historical Society collection, as well as images uploaded by our school and community partners. We ask teachers uploading lesson plans to choose an image from MMN to represent their lesson plan (for example, if your lesson plan is about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, it may look something like this: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow & Harriet Beecher Stowe).

We also encourage teachers to create free accounts to make use of MMN items in slideshows. You have the ability to align your own text with images from MMN using the slideshow tool. If you have any questions about making the most of MMN's database for educational purposes, please contact the Manager of Educational Programs.

Your lesson plan(s) will be hosted through Maine Memory Network. Each lesson plan will have its own detailed page with an overview for other teachers to view prior to downloading the plan and additional document(s). When filling out the form, please think about the ideas and outcomes that best describe your lesson plan.

Lesson Plan Submission Form