Third Holly Inn, Christmas Cove, ca. 1930


The image of the Holly Inn on this postcard was taken from the northeast, across a narrow body of water called the Thread of Life. The legend on the front of the card reads “The Bar at Christmas Cove, Maine 361” which refers to the narrow strip of land in the foreground on which two houses can be seen below the large building. That building is the third Holly Inn, which had views overlooking Christmas Cove on one side and John’s Bay on the other.

This Holly Inn, with 100 rooms, was bigger than the earlier versions. The home built by former Holly Inn owner Edward Thorpe had also been enlarged by this time and was being used as an annex to the main Inn with the name ‘Rutherford House.’ The roof of the Rutherford House can be seen to the left of the main Inn in this photograph. The third Holly Inn met the same fate as the previous two Holly Inns on the same site; it burned in a huge fire on September 12, 1940.

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