Somes Sound Schoolhouse, with students on front steps, ca. 1909


The Sound School was built in 1892 to replace an aging school building on the same site. Construction of the new school house began in the fall of 1892, and the first class was held on December 5th. The teacher, Mr. Clipton Gray of Pretty Marsh, had students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Although the Somes Sound School had a male teacher for its first term, most of the teachers were women. Few teachers stayed for more than two terms. After the Somes Sound School closed student from the area were bused to Somesville or Northeast Harbor to attend school.

After the school closed, the building was used as a community center. The building was owned by the Somes Sound Village Improvement Association until 1993, when it was returned to the Town of Mount Desert. In 1998 the Town decided to give the building to the MDI Historical Society to be restored and used as a museum. As of 2012, the Somes School House is still home to the Historical Society.

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