Receipt, Columbian Canning Co., Lubec, 1918

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The Columbian Canning Company of Lubec vended a variety of merchandise during is heyday, including coal and wood. Its 1918-1920 “wood ledger” indicates that both cordwood and “mill wood” (lumber) were sold. This document, dated April 22, 1918, reads, “Rec’d of Columbian Canning Co Fifty-nine and no. 100 Dollars for 10 cds M. wood to be delivered,” signed by Archie Trecartin.

The ledger book entries are supplemented by many of these individual documents on assorted forms and plain paper, all attached to appropriate pages with straight pins, no staples or paper clips. The 90-page ledger book, 21,7 cm high x 17.8 inches wide (about 8 x 7 inches), is laid out by names, many long prominent in Lubec such as Cox, Denbow, Guptill, Godfrey, Huckins, Jones, Kelley, Leighton, Mahar, Marston, Morrison, Owen, Ramsdell, and Wilcox.

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