"The Meeting House 2; All Present" by Daniel Minter, Portland, 2020


Artist Daniel Minter has helped highlight African American history, the Underground Railroad, and the abolitionist movement in New England, particularly through images of the Abyssinian Meeting House in Portland, since his move to Maine in the early 2000s.

This artist print relief print titled "The Meeting House 2; All Present" shows the Abyssinian Meeting House full of life, along with items like shells, combs, and brooms relating to the history of Black communities in Maine. The Abyssinian Religious Society was formed after African American parishioners of the Second Congregational Church in Portland refused to be segregated on balcony seating, and experienced animosity by White members who discouraged their attendance. The Meeting House, located at the corner of Mountfort and Newbury streets, was a stop on the Underground Railroad and operated until 1916.

The Abyssinian Meeting House, as of 2021, is undergoing an extensive renovation to preserve the original character and intention of the building.

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