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Helen F. Spaulding, Class of 1864

Class of 1880, Goddard Hall, Westbrook Seminary

Class of 1880, Goddard Hall, Westbrook Seminary

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Abplanalp Library, UNE

Classes were held in the Seminary Building. Tuition for Languages, per-term-of-12-weeks, was $6.

The price of board per week in the Boarding Houses was $2 to $2.25 and did not include wood and lights. Helen supplied her own quilt, linens and toilet soap.

Westbrook Seminary rules and regulations were strict. Students were expected to "rise at, or before the ringing of the bell, and retire and have their lights extinguished by half past ten in the evening."

Students were "not allowed to use tobacco, intoxicating liquors, or gunpowder, or to have them in or about the Seminary Buildings."

Students were expected to "refrain from scuffling and all improper conduct in the halls and rooms of the Seminary Buildings."

They were not permitted to "enter other students' rooms without rapping and receiving permission to enter; nor were they permitted to "lounge or sit upon the beds."

A daily record was "kept of each student's standing in recitations, deportment, and moral conduct."

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