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Danforth Garage, Danforth, ca. 1920

Danforth Garage, Danforth, ca. 1920

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Penobscot Marine Museum

The Danforth Garage was located on Depot Street in Danforth between the Mark Lodge residence (first known as a boarding house of William Foss) and the residence of Mancil Gillis on the left.

The building was covered with metal, which was a rarity in this woods town. Gasoline sold for 19 cents per gallon. Notice the 55-gallon drum used to store the fuel and the hand pump and black hose for fill-ups.

Because the building was built on a hill, there was another large space under the main floor, entered from Central Street, for mechanics’ work. An apartment occupied the second floor.

Clarence "Weiger" Spinney operated this garage for many years.

An interesting story about the garage is that a man named William Springer put together a small plane in the front of the building. So that he wouldn’t have to take the plane apart to get out of the building, he had the entire front of the building removed when the plane was finished.

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