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View of Cutler waterfront, ca. 1910

View of Cutler waterfront, ca. 1910

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Penobscot Marine Museum

This view from Gilman’s Point shows Cutler’s wharves in about 1910. At the time the inner harbor was populated with canneries, warehouses, and wharves from which lumber, ice, and sardines were shipped.

Williams’ wharf and sardine cannery, long gone, are on the left. The Williams’ home and barn are on the shore to the right of the cannery.

The barn is gone, and the current Town Library and Office are in the field behind the house.

The building on the closest wharf has been made into a home as has the industrial building on the far right.

The Hotel Cutler, Little River Lodge in 2013, is behind the Williams’ home. Little River was Cutler’s original name; it referred to the long, narrow harbor that looked like the mouth of a river.

The Methodist Church stands on the hillside left of center.

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